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Alaska: Day 7

7.31.09 Final day in has been a great week and there's mixed emotions about leaving. Ready to see the fam, but have a love of Alaska that just makes me want to stay. It has been another great week...God moving hearts and paving the way for an awesome display of His power and control. His knowledge does indeed exceed anything we can come up with ourselves.

It was a great day for sightseeing. Woke to sunshine and clear blue skies with warmer temps. We got an early start to Portage and had fun all day long, although wearing down from our late night at the house just hanging out and talking.

We visited the same places as last year, but in addition, we were able to take an hour long cruise on the Ptarmigan to see the glaciers up close and personal. It was awesome! After the tour, we hiked to the Byron Glacier and had fun on it...we took the girls sliding down on trash bags like we did last year. They seemed to enjoy that alot with us. We made trash bags fashionable again.

I spotted a black bear on the mountain side on the hike back. The joke for the rest of the day was whether or not somebody saw a bear...apparently, people doubted it to be a bear. However, it was a moved and everything. Nothing else was big and black on the entire mountain and moving. It was a bear. :)

We had a good day of sightseeing and fun. Went back and finished packing up and getting ready for our 7:30 flight. Had dinner and said our goodbyes to the IL team and our staff. The only thing that I had hoped to see during our trip was another amazing rainbow like last year. With all the rain one would have thought there to be many...but none. None that is until we were just off the ground and I looked one last time for one and to my amazement there was one...small, but a rainbow nonetheless. God is good...all the time.

Now that I'm on the plane I'm ready to see the fam...having to leave, but making plans to return. We'll wait and see what God has in store...


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