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Alaska: GraceWorks 2009

I am home from a great week in Alaska...and missing it already. I kept a daily journal while there, so I'll share my thoughts from that. Maybe that will give everyone a better idea of exactly what we did on our trip. Be warned if you go to's addictive and you'll want to go back.

Day 1
7.25 Wow! It has happened...I'm back in Alaska. God is good - all the time. And, the awesome thing about God is He's good whether I am in AK or not. My status doesn't affect His, but His will always affect mine.

I am almost speechless at all that God has made possible. He's a wonder, that's for sure. Today...(all 24 hours of it) we gathered at church after a quiet morning at home with Scott & the boys and a late breakfast at CFA. We had prayer and left for the airport, courtesy of Dennis who drove us in the church van. We made it through the airport with no problems and had plenty of time to relax before boarding. There were some funny moments, however, along the way. For example, somehow in the security check line discussing with Ryan and David about what all you had to remove for screening it made it seem as if I told Ryan he had to strip of he started playing along those lines. I thought the three of us were going to fall over laughing. The fun was just beginning...

The flight went well. It actually went faster for me this year having only the 4 of us all seated together. The longer the flight the funnier things got. One time I looked out the window and asked, "Is that a wing?" to which they all replied something like, "Well, I hope it's a wing since we are flying." and "No, Janet, it's a leg and we're walking to AK." Once I was watching the flight on the screen in front of me and leaned over to David all excited saying, "Look, David! We're getting close to Juneau." "Constantly. We're moving." was his reply. I had tears from laughing so hard. Of course, then I had to make a Juneau joke, don't Ju-neau. :)

I was anxiously awaiting the snow capped mountains that we would see along the flight. Kept an eye out for them every now and again. When I lifted my window shade and saw them for the first time of course I found myself saying "Wow!" before I could even think about it. The view this year was clearer and more captivating than last year, hands down.

We landed in rain. Got settled in the house by First Baptist and met the team from IL that will be working with us this week. We move to Grandview tomorrow afternoon. We'll go to church at First Baptist and then have lunch and orientation before moving. I am so thankful for God allowing me and appointing me to come. (I Timothy 1:12). I'm thankful for GraceWorks as well, making it possible to serve the people of AK. I'm blessed beyond measure. Things are different this year, but that's okay. Awesome first day.


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