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Alaska: Day 5

Well, rain has indeed affected our time here this year, but we're making the most of it. Our plans to work at Pioneer Home this morning were cancelled because our work there was to be outside. We worked at Grandview Baptist Church instead doing some odd jobs for them. We cleaned out closets, organized storage rooms, built shelves...and carried trash out. It was a productive morning...and we of course had some fun along the way.

We had lunch and set off early to the club. It's fun just hanging out with the kids and showing them love and attention. Several of the girls are always at my side...we just talk and mostly I listen. There are two sisters Cheyenne & Cherokee that are so sweet...and they have native bloodlines to follow suit with their names. Such young beauties! Another Cheyanne is one we met last year...she was so surprised that I remembered her. Maya is as sweet as ever and Brianna hasn't been around the past couple of days...missing her sweetness. :) It's going to be hard to leave again this year.

The puppet team did balloon animals for the kids today and it was a huge hit. They'll probably do them again when we go back to the club for our evening activity. The gals did a great job handling the mobs of kids waiting for balloons all around could have been overwhelming but they handled it marvelously well. Afterwards, we all went to the Ulu Factory downtown and had fun shopping and goofing off before heading back for dinner.

We had sunshine this afternoon/evening...Praise God!!! We had fun back at the club tonight...they did balloons with them again and we all just hung out with them and spent time with them. We had some new kids come over who didn't speak a word of English. We told themto come back at 2 tomorrow, too, for Bible and puppets. One of the funniest things happened to David tonight. He was sword fighting with kids and stumbled into the trash can behind him and ended up sitting in it. It was so funny! Glad the can caught him, otherwise he would've had a long, hard fall to the ground.

We drove up to Eagle River tonight. It was a nice night for that drive. We had a little black bear run across the road in front of us. So cute! We drove to the coast, too, after Eagle River for sunset. Beautiful! David kept us entertained with his Russian accent and stories about Dudley, his pet chicken and whale rats...did John enjoy this?, not so much. Today we came up with nicknames for the started with "Kara-bou" and then went on to Hannah went over well. Made them smile that we included them into our craziness.

I love Alaska.


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