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3 in 30 Check In: Minor Technicalities

Having a great month...getting things accomplished and finding myself excited that the newness of 2011 hasn't worn off yet is so awesome.
Closets are all cleaned out but mine...getting to the last one of six feels great and I cannot wait to rummage through it.
As for making it to the Y three times...thanks to our ice and a minor back injury, that hasn't happened, but I have a chance tomorrow and Saturday to make it there at least twice this week.  So looking forward to it, even if I walk a little funny getting there.
And, there are plans in the making of a new endeavor for me to use a newly acquired skill to bless others.  Baby steps of hope in the right direction.
And, I've had a chance to think ahead to next month's goals...can't wait! 
Thank you, God, for a wonderful week!


  1. Stopping by from 3 in 30. Sounds like you are doing great! Congratulations on doing so well this month.

    BTW, I am in GA, too (Savannah).


  2. I like that Baby Steps. I should have remembered that during my week.

    PS: Thank you for the compliment. We think the kids are pretty cute too.

  3. Considering the obstacles in your way, I think you are doing a fabulous job with your goals - stick with it!!

    Stopping by from 3in3o link-up. :O)

  4. Life does happen, but you are doing really great on the challenge. I look forward to week 3, and will be praying for your back. Have a blessed one! I'm here from the 3 in 30 challenge link up.

  5. So sorry about your injury! And I do hope and pray you are feeling better soon.

  6. Closets are fun, I do mine often, and they need done again. Great job with the goals!

  7. Closets are a big problem for so many people. Want to hear something funny? Closets are the one thing I keep organized all the time, without thinking. I never have to take everything out of my closet and reorganize it. Ever. But the rest of my house? Forget it. Not a single other thing just stays in line.

  8. WTG!! I hope your back feels better, I struggle with lower back pain from time to time, UGH!

    Have a GREAT weekend!! =)

    Keeping it Personal,
    Teri Johnson

  9. Great job! Hope your back feels better. I have upper back and shoulder issues which inhibits exercise a lot of times. :(

  10. Way to go! You've been a busy lady with all those closets! 3in30 has been a great motivator, hasn't it? Take it easy on that injury- be good to yourself!

  11. Thanks, everyone for stopping by and leaving such encouraging words! I'm almost back to full speed...thank you for praying!

  12. What a busy lady you are! YAY! Keep up the good work!


  13. We've been slowly tackling the clutter around here too. It sure feels good!

  14. checking in from 3in30!

    i love cleaning out makes me so happy! My usual problem is that after I remove it from the 1st home I then need to find a new home...which means I just keep moving clutter :) Great job working towards your goals!

  15. Bravo Janet! You are hanging in there and doing a good job!

    Sorry you hurt yourself. Saying a prayer for you right now.

    You encourage us!


    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  16. Oooo. I'm so proud of you. When you get your last closet conquered you can come over to tackle my remaining two!you're doing a great job and i'm excited to hear about the last one as it unfolds!
    {tara}@ undeserving grace

  17. Good for you on getting almost all of the closets organized. That's on my "to do" list for a bit later.

    Praying that your back feels better soon. Back issues are difficult.


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