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L.E.N.S. photo challenge: weather

A rainy day in Eagle River, Alaska...
The worship that took place this day in the pavillion made you forget how wet and cold you were.  It was awesome. 
Cannot wait to be back...only 193 more days. ♥
Join in on the fun of the photo challenge at Home Is Where You Start From!


  1. That is a great photo! I love how you captured the raindrops splashing!

  2. Thanks, was fun trying to capture the drops, but pretty wet, too.

  3. I love rain photos! You did a great job. Glad you like my doorknob! Our house was build in 1900 and we have lots of those doorknobs in our house!

  4. What a great splash you captured in your photograph!

  5. PERFECT! raindrops can hard to capture just right sometimes. great picture!

    (visiting from the LENS challenge)

  6. Love the splash! What takes you to Alaska?

  7. Kim, I go there on mission trips to help with GraceWorks, an outreach to innercity Anchorage.

  8. wonderful shot, you must have gotten wet trying to capture it!

    thank you for sharing it with us!


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