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what will they say next?

Starting back in November, I went through my Facebook status updates of 2010 and copied/pasted those that were my boys' words/actions into a new blog post. I've been waiting on this first Wednesday's Walk to post what they've said and done over the past year. It was such a great way to wind up my year...and they even managed some great ones in December, too, that made it in just as the year wrapped up. As for pictures that I've not posted to my blog before, I found a couple of my boys in simple everyday moments that make me smile.

The following conversation was overheard from the back of the car...Alex: I still can't believe I got colonge for Christmas.  Tim:  Where do you put cologne anyway?  Your armpits?  Alex: (belly laughing as hard as I was) Not in your armpits, Tim...on your neck.  Me: That would be deoderant, Tim.  Tim: Oh, yeah...deoderant.  Then not two minutes later...Alex:  Awesome!  Since I have cologne, I don't have to wash my neck anymore.  I always forget anyway. 12.27.10

Picking up a sweet potato, Alex said, "This thing looks like a naked mole rat." (I kind of agree with him).  12.21.10

Alex, holding a Purdy brand paintbrush in his hand earlier today, said "Purdy...some of those fancy talkers in Indiana say that for 'pretty'." I laughed until I cried.  11.18.10

This morning Alex said to me, "Mom, Numbers has a lot of numbers in it." I smiled.  11.9.10

Alex just fell off his RipStik and came inside to talk to me about it. He said he wanted to go back outside and ride some more but it was going to hurt. Next thing I know he's quietly singing "My Favorite Things" almost to himself. Upon finishing, he declares, "That made me feel better, a little." And off he went to ride again. ♥  10.13.10

Tonight after our last evening of mission conference and a quick trip to Kroger, Alex looked at me and said, "This has been fun. Spending this time alone's been cool." Then I got a high five and a hug...♥  10.6.10
Tim tonight on the way home from church, "I don't have to see Jesus to believe. I just believe." The joys of a childlike faith...  10.5.10
Seeing three chipmunks playing and gathering acorns out of the front yard, Alex declares, "Hey,'s Alvin, Simon, and Theodore!" I'll let you know if they randomly burst out in song. :)  10.1.10
Overheard Alex telling Nana about his dive and claiming, "I gave it all my gots!" Loving it!  9.4.10
Upon getting a regular sized drinks at Chick-fil-A Alex exclaimed to Tim, "Today, we are men!"  8.4.10
Me to Alex: Want to help me make chocolate chip cookie bars? Alex: I'll help you in a little bit. Me: In a little bit? Alex: Yeah, I'll help you eat them in a little bit. :)  7.16.10

"Well, that's five minutes of my life I'll never get back..." is not something I expected to hear from my six year old after sitting in a minor traffic jam. So funny!  7.13.10
Alex just challenged me to a reading contest...who can read through the book of James first. I love that boy!  7.11.10
Overheard from the backseat...Tim: Aw, man! Sugar just beat me at a staring contest. Alex: Of course he did, Tim. Sugar's a stuffed animal.  7.2.10
Two boys, same task...washing their bikes. Alex works quietly, efficiently. Tim hums and gets distracted by soap bubbles in the bucket. I ♥ my boys!  6.29.10
Listening to Tim sing in the it!  6.25.10
Tim said tonight after prayers, thanking God for his Daddy, that since there's a Mother's Day, a Father's Day and a Grandparent's Day he wished there was a Kid's Day, too.  6.20.10
Tim made this "Toy Story 3" T-shirt this morning all on his own accord and then proudly wore it all day long...and loved getting the attention it drew him. He can't wait for the movie to come out next month.  5.26.10
Tim was playing Survivor with Handy Manny and all his tools before bed last night...Manny was the host and Felipe outlasted, outwitted and out played all the other tools. :)  5.19.10
After reading about Isaac and Rebekah and how God answered the servant's prayer to lead him to the right girl, the boys and I talked about beginning now to pray for the girls they would one day marry. Alex said that he'll pray, but at around 13 he'll make a poster that says, "I need a girl that loves God.", to find his wife.  5.12.10
Listening to VeggieTales "Promised Land" on the way to school one morning, Tim wonders aloud..."If they were tired of eating manna, why didn't they eat part of themselves? They are vegetables after all." Still cracks me up, thinking about it now.  5.10.10
Leaving the parking lot of the Y eariler this afternoon, having just joined, Alex says, "Mom, let's celebrate with an ice cream cone at the Dairy Queen!" And we did just that. :)  5.5.10
Alex and I cleaned out the fishpond and filled it with dirt because Alex wanted to make it into a flower garden...looked great until it rained. It now holds more water than it did when it was a fishpond. Go figure. :)  4.24.10
Tim, looking at the newly established island around the trees, asked, "Mom, are you sure you put weed killer on there? It looks like you put weed grower on instead."  4.23.10
My boys make me laugh...Alex helping me at the food pantry, "Look,'s a lifetime supply of marshmallows!" and tonight Tim picks a weed and says, "Well, it kind of looks like a want to feel it? It's bumpy. Maybe it's an ant's microphone." ♥  4.21.10
Alex's reaction to losing his top front tooth..."Holy mackerel, that's a big hole!"  4.15.10
At the pastor's 3rd point during my cousin's wedding, Alex leans over and asks, "Can't they just kiss and leave?"  4.3.10
I'm a mom to boys who now have a dirt bike...Alex wonders how long it will take to learn to do wheelies. Oh, the joy of having boys.  3.26.10
Upon exiting his shower Tim told me, "You should've been in there. It was a blast!" and from the sounds heard coming from behind the curtain, I so totally believe him.  3.21.10
Heard today: "I want to climb somewhere high.", "I was just about to try something new.", and (while panting from running to find me) "I'm just warning you, but..." - gotta love my boys!  3.19.10
Caught Alex bopping his head to the piano music in church this morning. Upon looking at him, he grinned and whispered, "Catchy tune!" I ♥ it!  3.7.10
Last night while watching Survivor, Tim wanted to know, "Why does Rootbeer always wear that funny colored shirt?" (meaning Rupert of course). He corrected himself when he heard Jeff say his name a couple of seconds later, but it was soooo funny!  3.5.10
Still laughing about what Tim told me tonight at dinner, "Even though Dad makes more money than you, you're still my favorite."  3.2.10

Watching the USA hockey game against Finland...Tim just asked why they go so fast. How cute!  2.26.10
We were playing monkey in the middle w/a frisbee today and Tim tried to hold me back from getting to the frisbee by attaching himself to my legs, but then quickly crawled to the frisbee before I could run to it once my legs were free. Laughing, he told me, "Mom, you run slower than I can crawl." Nice.  1.29.10

Overheard Tim say while playing with his Lego people, "Call 911! A man got attacked by a shark and he has alot of hurtness!" 1.24.10

Hearing Alex saying "He shoots...he scores!" while practicing basketball during his recess makes me feel like I'm back in Indiana again. 1.13.10

Joke: Why do you know what Dick and Jane are going to do next? Answer: Because they are such an easy read. Alex's response: I don't know who Dick and Jane are, but...okay.  1.12.10

Tim is excited about his first loose tooth...Alex wants to take a cruise to for myself, I'm thankful for all I've accomplished so far today and hope the ball keeps rolling along smoothly.  1.5.10


  1. What a great idea! Love some of these...the Purdy pun, the (lack of) neck washing, the "even though Dad makes more money."

    You really listen. And your kids are awesome!

  2. What great memories to keep - although I'll never look at a sweet potatoes in the same way again!

  3. That was PURDY funny! I busted out laughing at the veggietale one. Hahahahahahaha

  4. Janet Rose...these were great! Your boys are so cute. And I love the fun things that kids say.

    Can't wait to read some to my friend today to brighten her day. (Her daughter-in-law is getting deployed and she has 4 kids and the youngest one is two months old!...We will be doing a lot of praying for her...and for her family.) The two youngest may not remember her when she returns. (:<)

    Anyway..laughter is such good medicine!

    Have a good Wednesday!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  5. what a great idea for your wed walk this week! I love that! :) what a perfect way to remember the cute things your kids are doing and saying :)

  6. Love these! What a great idea. Nice to tuck these memories away for when you're having a bad day...sure to cheer you up!

    (visiting from Wednesday's walk)


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