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Wednesday's Walk...oldies but goodies!

Working out at the Y last evening, I was going through the songs on my MP3 player trying to find upbeat and motivating songs to keep me going.  It was a stressful workout and I needed every little bit of encouragement I could get.  I really just wanted to give up and go home.  I found myself picking out songs from days gone by that I just absolutely love. 
This event inspired me for a Wednesday's Walk theme of 80's/early 90's Christian music...if you are too young to relate, I understand, but for fun you may want to listen along.  I was a teenager when I started listening to only Christian music...a great sacrifice at the time when 80's pop music was "it".  I don't regret it, but at the time it was a big decision.  
For me, music is timeless.  A song can take me right back to when I first heard it or when God used it to encourage me or draw my attention to give him all the glory He deserves.
Enjoy a few of the oldies, but goodies, I was able to find on YouTube...   


  1. Well I wasn't listening to Christian music in the 80s :(, but I do know the Amy Grant one you posted :)

  2. Yes, yes, yes!!! I remember all of these groups/people and their songs! Remember Degarm and Key?... and... Keith Green? Sweet Comort Band? Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

  3. Ahhhhh I love it! Sadie Patty and later Peta were some of my favorites! How fun to watch these!

  4. love these songs! yes, I remember! my sister and I sang "another time" one year! :)

  5. Wow, it is so true how the music we listen to infuses into our lives - either by memories or encouragement or emotions... Music is such a blessing.

  6. I wasn't allowed to listen to Christian music that wasn't like Hymns and Chorus music. Very conservative my brother works for a major Christian music station. SO FUNNY TO ME. (and my parents way way way lightened up)
    Oh, and I listened to it anyway. I was a big rebel :o)


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