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3 in 30: Week 2 Check Up

There's something about this week that makes me feel as if nothing was accomplished...but, I just read over my goals as I wrote them at the end of January, and realize that I did make short strides in all three areas.
Water intake has continued over what I drank prior to February 1st...more photos have been found and stacked for entry into another photo album (when I go and purchase one or two more)...and, even though life has rearranged my schedule some this week, I am visiting with a friend tomorrow.
Hope everyone has had a good week!


  1. Good for you! Sounds like good progress to me.


  2. Your making progress. That's great!!!

  3. I hope you have fun visiting your friend. :) I found some old photos the other day in a box. I guess I should go through them in March. I always end up enjoying the photos so much that I take way too much time up in them.

  4. Tackling photos is such a hard chore isn't it!!!

    Great progress and enjoy your visit with your friend!!

  5. Good job! Small steps lead to much distance covered over time. :)

  6. Awesome!! Isn't it great to look back and see the progress - even baby steps? Have a great weekend!

  7. Great job on seeing the positives you have accomplished. Have a good week, and visit with your friend. =)

  8. Great! Keep up the little things, and you will have a wonderful month!

  9. Little things add up to big things! You are doing great!

  10. Hi. Traveling in blogland. I really like the background here!


  11. I like how despite your feelings about progress, you can actually see progress because you're intentionally recording it. Way to be good to yourself!

  12. Sometimes it doesn't feel like we're going any where until we look back at where we were.


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