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Disney's Magic Kingdom

A few months ago, I found out that we were going to Orlando for business and a little family getaway.  Hmmm...what's there to do in Orlando that's family friendly?   
Of course, Disney World!  After much research into which theme park to visit, we decided upon the Magic Kingdom.  We had one day and we made an entire day of it...out the door by 8, walking back in the door almost 14 hours later.  Craziness.
We had a great day walking and riding...mostly walking...around the park (should I be saying Kingdom?).  Either way, we had alot of fun.
I have never been to a Disney park before.  I've never really desired to go.  Honestly, my boys have never asked to go to one either.  Tim has called The Disney Store "Disney World" for years...he came up with that on his own and it was enough.  This opportunity to visit Disney World showed itself right for our moment, so we engaged upon it with a skip in our steps.  Watching my boys' faces throughout the day was my favorite thing to do in the Magic Kingdom.  During the opening ceremony tears came to my eyes as I saw
 the excitement on my boys' faces.  Then, as they experienced the rides and shows throughout the day, the smiles abounded.  Worn out and ready to leave, still, they were troopers as the eletrical parade began.         
There are alot of images that Disney wants you to see and believe in about the Magical Kingdom.  They do a good job at selling themselves long before you've ever entered the gate.  We weren't dissapointed in our choice.  The park is surprisingly clean and well kept in spite of the thousands of visitors there each day.  All of the employees we met were very friendly and helpful as well.  They manage the masses quite efficiently.
But one day was enough.  I was so happy to be off my feet, daydreaming of spending the next day lounging by the pool in the warm sunshine as I drifted to sleep that night.
And, that's exactly what I did all afternoon.  That, and watch the space shuttle Discovery take off for space.  I saw it live and in person from our hotel in Orlando.  It was so cool!
I can now say I've been to Disney World.        


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