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Wednesday's Walk...down the aisle!

Nine years ago today I walked down the aisle to say "I do".  How time does fly!  When we were engaged, I had a chance to write in to my local paper about our engagement in a special sweethearts edition.  The following is a short version of our story that I submitted.  It was chosen to be printed, too, which was pretty exciting.

This is our story...Memorial Day weekend 2001 I was planning a birthday vacation with my best friend, Christa to celebrate our birthdays which are a day apart at the end of May.  The previous year we flew down and met up at Sarasota, FL.  On her flight, she met and was squeezed inbetween a handsome stranger, Victor, and the window.  Well, we all became acquainted that weekend and had dinner and made plans to keep in contact.  When it came time to plan for our birthdays in 2001, Christa and I were invited to spend the weekend in Atlanta with Victor and his friend who had a house near the city.  That friend was Scott.  Christa and I flew in on separate flights about 30 minutes apart and well, it took some time finding each other in the Atlanta airport.  They paged me and I went to meet up with them in the baggage claim area. Standing there a bit overwhelmed, excited, and ready to be found was little ol' me from Indiana in a huge airport with people passing me by left and right.  All of a sudden I look up and see this tall, blonde, blue eyed stranger coming my way with a smile.  He walks right up to me and offers his hand and asks if I am Janet.  A bit surprised at this, having been expecting Christa to find me, I shift luggage and return a hand to him, looking around him to see if I can spot Christa anywhere near us.  Long story short, the four of us have a wonderful weekend sporting around Atlanta going to Six Flags, a Braves game, cookouts, and a birthday dinner at Logan's Roadhouse.  The four of us had a wonderful time together, but Scott and I had hit it off right away and were just having a great time.  By Monday afternoon, Scott had more than fallen for me.  I, however, was involved in another serious relationship at the time.  Engaged, to be exact.  Talk about being confused.  I had waited 28 years for a man in my life and now at 29 I had two...what's a girl to do?  Well, she's to go with her heart and Scott had captured mine in a matter of days.  We officially started dating in late June and after a few weeks of long-distance dating we knew we were meant to be together for life.  He proposed on August 14th and I lovingly accepted.  In looking at the calendar for a date I found that February 2nd fell on a Saturday and we just couldn't resist the 02/02/02 date and just for kicks planned it for 2 in the afternoon as well.

Whenever I am asked if I believe in love at first sight, my answer is and always will be, "You bet I do!"   

*Author's note: There's a whole other story behind my first engagement that could be, but doesn't need to be, told here.  Nothing happened that weekend in GA that would have endangered that relationship had I chosen to stay in it.  I made the hard choice to break off the engagement once I returned home based on alot of thought and prayer over alot of things, not just because a handsome stranger found me in an airport. :)  


  1. Happy Anniversary! What a sweet memory.

  2. How sweet :) Happy Anniversary! I love how you picked the date and time!

  3. so fun! :) loved reading your story. the date is perfect! :) my sis in law is getting married this year on 9-10-11!

  4. Happy Anniversary. We celebrated our 9th in November and were married at 2 also!

  5. How sweet. I too believe in love at first sight!

  6. What an awesome story!! Congrats on your anniversary.

  7. What an incredible story! Fascinating!


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