Monday, July 16, 2012

NBC in the Park: Day 4

Thursday, July 5th
Our morning was spent divided, with part of us went grocery shopping to fill bags for a few families in our park community and the guys and boys going to do yard work at a few homes in our park community.  Service projects are always a favorite part of GraceWorks for me.  Keeps me busy and thinking of others instead of myself.
The afternoon at the park was just as fun as all the others.  A little girl who attached herself to Scott the second he came into the park last evening was asking for him, but he was helping Mr. Billy at the church again.  I promised her that he would come back and say goodbye before we left town.
The reality is setting in that our days are numbered with these adorable faces.  My boys, at separate times, came to me and mentioned that we only had one more day at the park and how sad they were about it.  My heart went out to them for I so understand how they feel!  They are wanting to return to Alaska and they aren't even finished here this week, yet. :)
We had our free night this evening and decided to try and get in at Moose's Tooth.  The wait at 5:15 was for 1.5 hours...we decided to go elsewhere and ended up at Sourdough Mining Company for dinner.  Walked right in and were seated and exiting the restaurant at the time we may have been just seated at MT.  It was a wise decision to leave and hope to get there some other time.  We walked over to Wild Berry's across the parking lot after dinner and enjoyed the free samples of chocolate and seeing the chocolate waterfall.
The team returned to the church in time to have two of our members back for their flight-seeing trip.  The rest of us played Phase 10 in the fellowship hall.  What a night of card playing we had!  So fun with lots of laughs.    It was fun, too, being there to hear about the flight-seeing stories once they returned.  I so want to go up one year again...Scott K. took my flying in 2010 and I loved it!  Seeing Alaska from the air adds its own element of beauty to the already beautiful State...mesmerizing! 

After everyone went to bed, I began working on t-shirts and other prep work for next week's teams...and did some laundry so that I would be ready for the weekend and staff shirt Monday.  Not only is reality setting in that our week is almost over, reality is hollering that my stay in Alaska for the summer is quickly drawing to a close as well.
Must continue to make the most of every single minute!

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