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So long for now...

Post written early morning of July 10th while in the airport awaiting my flight.
I am at the airport and ready for take-off. Today was a long, busy, wonderful day! I was hoping to see Denali before leaving and this morning she was shining in full glory.  Such an awesome sight to behold from Anchorage!  One day I will see the mountain from a closer distance...all in due time.
Today I was given the privilege of helping train the new park host that will be in the park I've been in the past several weeks...first couple of weeks as a guest watching and learning the ins and outs of the kids and the park itself, then as team leader for my church group who came and served here last week.  It made my day to be busy and to be back in the park with the kiddos I have come to love so much!  Such cute smiles and big hugs...lonely hearts that need a Savior and hungry stomachs that need food.
Today in the park the kids were excited to see me again.  It was nice to have a familiar face among the new team of strangers.  The TX did not remain strangers for long, however.  They dove right in to their lunch serving and playing games with the kids.  The kids warmed up to them in no time.  Even the new host, who had just arrived in town on Saturday, was right there at home after a few minutes.  God's plan was in action and it was a blessing to see how it was all coming together.  She told me as we were packing up, "I've got this."  The unknown was now known and the fear was gone that it would be too much.  God equips those He calls!
At four o'clock as we were packing up, the tears welled up as my time had arrived to say "so long" to the kids and my friends from TX.  I gave hugs over and over again and was doing okay until someone told me to look and see that the little boy who spoke no words but only grunted and pointed was waving goodbye to me.  Oh, it was such a blessing to see him wave to me.  I didn't know if he understood until that moment.  In that little wave, God gave me my answer.  It is a moment to remember.  If I close my eyes, I can still see him leaning on that tree, almost trying to hide, as he looked me in the eyes and waved to me.
It is very difficult to leave now with so much more work that there is to do.  So much more love that is needed to be shared...but my time is done for this summer.  I have to be okay with that.  In my mind I know God has worked it all out for His glory and He has their best interest in mind even more and better than I do.
He's God and He's good!
I was able to spend the evening hours with my friends from Katy, TX out and about in Anchorage.  They went out to Wild Berry's and then moose hunting so I loaded up my luggage with them and they dropped me off at the airport before returning to the church for the night.  It was the perfect way to end my time in Alaska this summer...with people who understand my heart and will carry out the task before them as I would if I were there alongside of them.  Although jokingly hoping for the volcano to erupt as to close down the airport so I could stay, we knew it wasn't going to happen.  A little time with friends is better than no time at all!  We made the most of our two days together.  In Alaska, the days go long, so it was easy to get in good time together.
So, although my body is still on Alaska time and my mind is fluttering between Anchorage and home, I am at peace.  God has done great things, is doing awesome things, and will continue to do amazing things in His people of Alaska and in the hearts of those who come to serve Him there.
So long for now, Alaska...


  1. Well Janet our team from Texas was able to witness something that I had to share with you! That little boy who grunts and groans... can talk! He said several words for me! My heart melted as he kissed me good-bye and waved to me and said good bye in his sweet little voice! He will forever hold a special place in my heart! Yes the tears flowed like a river and I can't wait to go back to be with them!

  2. Thank you LyndsD!
    And, Renee, I am so excited for the news! Such a sweet sound that must have been to hear!


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