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Because It's Cold Here Now: Remembering Key West

What would you do for a good deal on an airplane ticket taking you somewhere warm and tropical?
Apparently, I would agree to getting up at 3 AM in order to arrive at the airport in time for a 5:45 flight to Key West in January.  
Oh, yes. Yes, I did...we all did.
We were crazy or desperate.  I'm not for sure is more true than the other.  And, it doesn't really matter.  We made out getaway just in time to avoid some of the coldest temperatures in a long time at home.  
Happy dance!
Landed around 10 AM in Key West after a short layover in Charlotte.  Another price one has to pay for a cheap ticket...go North to go South.  It no longer surprises me; happens all the time no matter the final destination's direction from whence one begins the journey.
grocery getter
Made our way to the house we are renting for the week via taxi.  Nice guy. Used to live in ATL.  Funny thing...we run into people all the time that used to live in GA.  They seem very happy now that they don't. Wonder why that is?  I have grown to love it.  Texas and Arizona are the only other two states I would willingly move to, having been there and loved the climate, atmosphere, and surroundings of them both about equally the same.  Both are home to people I call friends so close they could be family.
But, I digress.
key west chickenOur house wasn't ready yet, so we rented a road legal golf cart and carted ourselves around the town awhile, seeing some sights (including several chickens and roosters) and grabbing some lunch at a local dive located in a laundromat.  It was awesome.  And busy.  Crazy busy by the time we were finishing up.
Moved our bags in, shed the cold weather clothes from the morning, and settled in.  Scott and Alex went out for groceries while Tim and I relaxed at the house.  
Poolside for me.  In front of TV for Tim. (We still do not have cable at our house, so it was a real treat for him.)
Everything else is within walking distance to our house, except the grocery stores.  We returned the golf cart and walked along the waterfront, stopping for an early dinner.  Seafood is so amazingly good when it's cooked properly...and begins out fresh.  And, I am saying this as one who is not a huge fan of seafood.  My blackened grouper was simply and deliciously amazing.  Maybe I was just really hungry and grateful I did not have to prepare dinner...either way, I thoroughly enjoyed it!  
Early to rise, early to bed for us this first day.
So glad, grateful, and thankful to be warm.  


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