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bird's eye view

A business trip took us out to Las Vegas in mid January.  My sister and brother-in-law came flew out and joined us during down time from the convention.  We had an wonderful time doing amazing things together.  Some first time awesomeness took place, too, like flying over and into the Grand Canyon in a helicopter!  It was so exciting to finally get to mark off this bucket list item.  It was an amazing trip from beginning to end.
A shuttle bus picked us up at our hotel and took us to an airport in Boulder City.  There we boarded a 10 passenger plane for our flight over to the Grand Canyon.  The flight was simply beautiful as the sun rose over the mountains while we were in the sky.  The sights of the trip included, but were not limited to, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Colorado River, and the Grand Canyon's edge.
The next mode of transportation was the best of the day: the helicopter!  It was so awesome to finally get to be in a helicopter...and, I had the privilege to sit in the front seat beside the pilot...I was just a little excited.  Once we landed on the Grand Canyon's floor, we were taken on a boat tour of the Colorado River.  It was around 8:30 AM by this time and barely 40° F.  Kind of a chilly boat ride, but so totally worth it.
Once off the boat, the helicopter ride back to the airport was just as fun as the first.  It gives one a better perspective of just how large and how grand the canyon really is.  A bus ride, not that unlike the one through Denali National Park, was the next item on the agenda.  We made three stops at locations along the West edge of the Grand Canyon: Hualapai Ranch, Eagle Point/Skywalk, and Guano Point.  We had lunch provided for us at Guano Point after hiking up Ant Hill.
On the flight back to the Boulder City airport, I sat in amazement at what our morning had held.  Sometimes things just simply are too wonderful to believe...but, I have photos to prove to myself that it actually happened. :)
moon over Vegas
Hoover Dam from the sky
edge of the Grand Canyon
our ride
over the edge
Grand Canyon landing
inside the Grand Canyon
sisters on the Colorado River
Eagle Point, Grand Canyon
view from Ant Hill
Ant Hill, Grand Canyon


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