Friday, February 21, 2014

seeing beyond the stereotype [2]

A friend once told me that you have to get out of a prime city in order to get a real feel for the area in which you are visiting.  When we drove through Vegas on our roadtrip a couple of years ago, I saw the beauty of the desert unlike ever before.  If you have never seen Vegas from a plane at night, you're missing out on a beautiful city of lights.  And, if you never leave your hotel while there, you'll miss out on some wonderful sights within and without the city itself.  This trip was short, but full of adventure and beauty.  (I will not even begin to speak about the food...let's just say I am thankful for stairs, long corridors, and the fitness center in our hotel!)
on the shore
solo duck
Nevada Stonehenge
dessert blooms
lake mead
architectural beauty
Hoover Dam
enjoying the view

Then, there's always the beauty of humor... :)

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