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Sunset Celebration

Mallory Square marketplace Having been to Key West once before,  but not spending the night there, we knew little about where the best spot to view the sunset would be until we Googled it.  Mallory Square is the place to be for sunset on Key West, we found out.  We set out our first night to find this infamous spot, after sunset due to dinner going past 5 pm, in order to be prepared for the next clear night.  It was a busy, populated area next to the water's edge.  Shops, a restaurant, and street performers are vying for this same space people are trying to claim at sunset each evening.
Mallory Square, Key West, Floriday On the next clear night, we set out in plenty of time to reach Mallory Square in time for some sunset captures.  What I was not prepared for was the elbow to elbow crowd which had gathered there already. We squeezed in to a spot (barely).  Hundreds...I am not kidding...hundreds had made their way to the southwestern edge of Key West to take in the view.
Mallory Square crowd
I have never shared a sunset in such a manner before with so many strangers...chatty, loud strangers.  There was no hush falling over this crowd anytime soon.  In fact, as the sun dipped below the horizon a cheer arose from the masses.  A cheer??!!  It was the craziest thing ever for people to be hollering and applauding the sun as it fell from view.  Really.  It happened.
Sunset over Key West 2014
Guess what they did next.
As fast as they could, the masses left.  As if the ballgame had just ended and it was time to move on.  Gone. Not a look back.
And they missed the best part of the night.
As a more quiet attitude overtook the scene, the sunset became even more beautiful as it often does once the sun drops below sea level.
after the sun goes down

If they only knew...but for a moment I was thankful they didn't. :)


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