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Cinco de Mayo 2014

My best gift this day was receiving a text out of the blue from a dear friend telling me that she was praying for me. Unknown to her, I was having a very rough day. My knee was hurting and still swollen (after a week), working out was a struggle, and I was just feeling down. Her text came at just the right time. I was reminded that prayer does not necessarily change my circumstances, but it changes my perspective on them. The support I felt at that moment helped me move on through my day with a renewed spirit. God is so good! Other gifts today...
*Tim and I had breakfast together to begin our day. He "made" my breakfast by opening my favorite greek yogurt up for me and serving it to me on a tray. :)
*Great check ups for both boys at the dentist! So thankful!
*Encouragement from my own fitness coach. She's awesome!!!
*Playing tennis in the driveway with my boys. I was moving slowly due to my knee issues, but we had tons of fun.
*Alex's baseball game provided a teachable moment in losing {again}. It breaks my heart to see talented boys struggle so. However, more than physical, the game is mental and there are some boys who cannot handle that aspect of the game. At all. When the boys whom the others look to as their leaders fall apart, there goes the game. Every. single. time. After the very first game I told Alex that baseball is a man's game. If he cannot handle the losses like a man, then he need not play. He has handled it well ever since then because he wants to play. Last night was a hard loss in the final inning. A close play at the plate did not go well for our team. It could have been called either way from where I sat. Our tying run was called out at the plate. We were all disappointed. The difference between us parents and our boys, we saw how much they had done well and correct all evening. All they saw another mark in the loss column. Coach firmly set the boys straight about losing and their attitudes toward it. They play as a team, lose as a team, and one day will win as a team. No one person/play lost the game. The same will hold true when we win one.
*Tucking my boys in bed at night...all the giggles, prayers, and moments shared are priceless!


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