Wednesday, May 14, 2014


a good game
Today's gift may seem unusual to some, but there are days when the little things are huge!
For example, dirty knees on a baseball uniform.
Laundry does not always make me smile, but tonight it did.
You see, this is no ordinary dirt.
This is a reminder of my Alex's slide into home plate tonight.
The story begins with his first base hit of the season.  #yay
He stole second.
Was advanced to third by a teammate's base hit.
When on third, Alex ran toward home on a play being made at first base.  He slid in to the base as the ball was making its way to the catcher's glove.
The umpire called him safe.
It was our team's go-ahead run.
The crowd went wild.
You should have seen A's smile...and mine.
Today's laundry holds more than dirt.
Memories were made here.

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