Friday, May 16, 2014


You tell me.
Six months ago today a "routine" mammogram found my otherwise undetectable cancer.
Around a year ago as the boys were finishing school, we were in the midst of packing/moving/building, and I was preparing to be away for three weeks, I began to make phone calls.  It was time to get all sorts of routine appointments made...eye exam, physical, etc.
One of those was for a mammogram.
I had one when I was 38 and, although I had to have two then to rule out questionable areas, I was given the all clear and told to come back when I was 40.
Do the math.
I went back at 41.
This is the awesome God part of my procrastination...I asked my surgeon her best expert guess at how long my cancer had been there at the time it was discovered.
She said 6 months to a year, max.
Do the math again.
Had I gone at 40 there is a grand chance my cancer could have gone undetected then...or it may not have even existed depending upon the month of my appointment.  I could have gone for another year, most likely two, without knowing cancer had invaded my system.
My routine exam became a divine appointment.
Not too early; not too late.
Exactly on time.
Make the phone call.
God is matter what!

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