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L.E.N.S. photo challenge: SPRING

The beauty of Spring is displayed over at Home Is Where You Start From this week!

(There's a technical problem going on today with my's there if you click on the little green square.  Hopefully this will be fixed soon.)


  1. Oh Janet I love it!!! The Daffodils just started coming up here. It's a beautiful sight. {Thank you btw for stopping by yesterday and having such wonderful encouraging words. I appreciate them and you so much! God Bless Friend}

  2. Pretty! I came home from Spring Break to find my daffodils in of my favorite flowers. Great shot -- I love the texture the tree bark adds.

  3. My favorite flower! I love the yellow against the blue. Great perspective!

  4. Wonderful photo Janet Rose! Thank you for sharing. Every flower makes me look to the Creator and whisper praise!

    Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  5. Ah, the beautiful sight of spring! Love the yellow/blue.

  6. The contrast in this shot just pops with the life of spring! Beautiful!

  7. Beauty! Where do you live that you have flowers like that already?! Up here in the cold north of Canada, we're only just seeing tulips popping up :0(

  8. What a beautiful photo! I lieft you some link love this morning. If you have a chance, come by. :)

  9. this is a great the flower and the blue blue sky in the background! :)

  10. beautiful daffodil! I love the yellow! Thanks for sharing your Spring with us!

  11. Thanks, everyone! This was taken back on March I wish the sun and sky were so clear now, too!


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