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timing is everything

God answers prayer.  The awesome thing about that statement isn't always the answer I receive.  It's the way He answers...and when.  
He knows the answers we need and exactly when we need them.  When the answer will speak directly to our hearts...when we'll know without a doubt this answer is directly answering a prayer we've uttered as a whisper of our heart...when it will surprisingly wrap around us like a hug from God Himself.
He is that good. 
All the time. 


  1. This is so true. I love it when he answers a prayer I haven't even prayed, like he provides what I need before I even put together that I needed it. how faithful!

  2. Your words are a hug today...just what I needed to hear.

    This is a stunning photo. Are you using a macro lens?

  3. First off, I am so glad God answers prayers like He does. He definitely knows what we need when we need it! God is so good, all of the time!

    Secondly, that picture is just gorgeous!!

  4. Thanks Stephanie, Kim and Joy! I always enjoy your visits to my blog. :)
    (I did use macro taking the photo).

  5. So many times I've realized I was asking the wrong questions...

  6. This post really resonates with me...I've been giving a lot of thought to prayer lately. Thank you for some much-needed hope and encouragement.

  7. so, so true! I have really witnessed this during the week. Thanks so much for posting :)

  8. Wonderful reminder. Sometimes it's hard not to get the answer we want, but in the end, it all makes sense.

  9. Seems like I have been saying this so many times this past few wks. I know a lot of people having issues that are saying "God is not listening to me." My mother in law was one of this people. I reminded her about the birth of my Schyler and my prayer during that time. It is hard and never easy.. but one thing is always for sure. God will provide a answer in his time, and in his way. Let thy will be done!


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