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Wednesday's Walk...No Rinse Shampoo

Last week when I took the boys to get haircuts, a product on the salon's shelf made me laugh out loud when I saw it.  No Rinse shampoo.  I forget the brand name, but it's supposed to do when you don't have water accessible to you for some reason or another. 
What's so funny about no rinse shampoo?  Well, I'm glad you asked.
Our church youth group, back in the day, used to travel alot to different cities/states to visit, put on programs, or do work projects.  Many of us had sisters/brothers in the youth along with us, too.  On this one particular trip to Illinois, my best friend and I were teamed up to stay at an older lady's home for the night.  It was kind of late when we arrived at our home for the night, so we just kind of went to our room and got ready for bed and for the next day.  As we unpacked, it came to our attention that neither of us had shampoo...both of us were going to share with our sisters.  Our sisters were paired up to spend the night at a different home.  We hoped to find shampoo in the guest bathroom, but no luck.  Ugh! 
Now, remember, we were two teenage girls...appearances were REALLY important to us, especially in the hair department. 
Upon further investigation, one of us (I forget which one of us) found a bottle of Avon No Rinse Shampoo and carried it into the bedroom to show the other.  I just remember us standing there reading the bottle, sizing up the age of the product, and bursting out into laughter at the thought!  The bottle appeared to be about as old as the lady with whom we were staying.  To us that seemed ancient. 
We didn't want to be a bother, so we didn't ask for any other shampoo.  We didn't have a car or we would've probably gone out to get some.  And, being a day when cell phones were only for the movies, we couldn't call our sisters or anyone else for that matter to get our problem solved. 
We laughed and laughed and laughed some more at the sight of no rinse shampoo and the thought of what it might do to us.  And, if I remember correctly, we made do without it, too.  We made sure the next trip we took our own bottle of shampoo!  :)
After all these years, you'd think I'd forget such a thing, but that little bottle last week brought it all right back as if it had just happened...and I laughed some more.
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  1. Hahahahaha I have never heard of such a thing. Hilarious!

  2. When Abby was at the hospital one time, she needed a bath and they gave me a no rinse shower kit for kids. it was the weirdest thing! it made her hair all funny too. LOL i didn't know they had that for adults! great memory!

  3. I can only imagine the residue that would leave in the hair! I can just picture you and your friend standing and giggling over such a thing at this lady's home! lol..

  4. I've never actually used the stuff, but I've heard that it really does work. I'm not anxious to try it, however!! What a fun memory!


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