Friday, November 9, 2012

3 in 30: beginnings

My three goals for the week were on my mind everyday.  Had it not been for a crazy busy schedule that had us running in and out all day, every day, this week, I might have been able to get to more of my goals than I did.  It's not because I didn't want to get at my tasks, it was because I was never at home long enough to get at them after all the normal everyday things like meals, dishes, and laundry were attacked.
Go through boys' closet: declutter, separate into keep/donate/sell piles, make a list of clothing to purchase to get through the winter months.
Well, we took a moment inbetween appointments on Tuesday to go and get the boys some pants that they desperately needed for this fall/winter.  Poor guys grow so fast that they seem to always be in high waters.  Alex picked out a red pair of pants from Old Navy...and he looks good in them.  I never would have imagined...
Next week we will work to make room for their new clothes in their closet.
Begin sorting through "hot spots": A move is in our future. I would like to get a good start on decluttering before crunch time.
I hope knowing where I want to begin this goal is an actual beginning. :)  No time this week...maybe next!
Encourage intentionally: As I am encouraged by others, I hope to extend that same encouragement to others.
This one was easier for me to accomplish.  Wrote some notes of encouragement to others and made sure to tell my boys everyday, more than once, something to encourage them.

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  1. You encouraged me Janet Rose! You are an amazing gal...and a good mom!

    I hope you will find time for all of your de-cluttering, and organizing before your move.

    I did that 5 years ago, and even though it was a big job, it was a big help to me when we moved into our new house. I got rid of so many things...and I already need to do it again just 5 years later. How does all of this stuff accumulate??? (:>)

    We had a nice little getaway for 5 days and I came back feeling refreshed!

    Love, Linda