Saturday, November 3, 2012

3 in 30: getting with the program

It has been more than a few months since I have last linked up with 3 in specific reason why, just life, I'd say.  We'll see how it goes again now.  There are a few things that have been on my mind to begin accomplishing in the next few weeks, so some wonderful, encouraging accountability just might be the ticket to getting my to-do list a little shorter.
November goals...
Go through boys' closet:  declutter, separate into keep/donate/sell piles, make a list of clothing to purchase to get through the winter months
Begin sorting through "hot spots":  A move is in our future.  I would like to get a good start on decluttering before crunch time.
Encourage intentionally:  As I am encouraged by others, I hope to extend that same encouragement to others.


  1. Janet, you are doing better than I have. I haven't participated in a year. Great goals. I know about that decluttering for moving.

  2. Your goals are so practical, and I'm impressed with your planning ahead for your move! I especially like your encouragement goal; we can all use a little more of that.

  3. Intentional encouragement! I love the concept. I might need to steal that one for next month!

  4. Those are great goals! I especially like the decluttering one, to get a head start on your move. I tend to accumulate, but the prospect of moving motivates me to let go like nobody's business. :)

  5. Love your desire to declutter and prepare for your move. This procrastinator would wait until the very last minute! I also love your last goal. I've been doing a lot of this myself. {so important}

  6. We have a move in our future too, this month! Wishing you all the best on your goals.