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30 DoT: {day 4} favorite snack

Being thankful for a snack seems kind of funny.  It works out, however, that with every snack that I have considered giving the title of "favorite" to I also hold fond memories with special people, for which, I am indeed very thankful to have in my life!
For example, take "Puppy Chow".  It could easily qualify as my favorite snack these days.  I do not make it very often and never just for myself because I cannot quit snacking on it.  Having it in the freezer does not help, either, because it is even better when frozen.  One of my best friends in youth group, back in the day, introduced me to Puppy Chow.  With every batch of it that I make, she comes to mind...and I still love her bunches to this day.
Another in the race for favorite snack is chips and dip.  Before you correct my grammar, I do not think of chips and dip as plural, but as one food item, therefore, "is" is correct. :)  I do not buy said snack often at all for the same reason as with Puppy Chow.  If it is around, I consume way too much, too often.  This snack brings warm fuzzy memories of times spent with my best friend from college, who is still my best friend today.  It is funny, but when we are about to get together we both have a higher craving for chips and dip.
The healthiest of my favorite snack foods is radishes.  I simply love radishes!  The memories of Grandma and Grandpa planting seeds, weeding/thinning out the radish row, picking the radishes, and then finally cleaning and tasting the crop...that all just adds to the wonderfulness of the taste.  Sometimes they would plant the early lettuce and radishes inside old tractor tires filled with dirt.  That was such a great idea for raised beds and recycling all in one!
So, even if it seems odd to be thankful for snack foods, I am thankful for the people who mean so much to me that are associated with them!  Food and family/friends...they go hand in hand. :)


  1. Janet Rose... I had milk toast for breakfast the other day, and it always reminds me of cold mornings when my mom would make it for us! Warm toast with melted butter, sugar on top, with warm milk poured over it in a bowl! Yum!

    Radishes remind me of when I was in the fourth grade and we planted a garden at school. I ate a radish for the first time after I helped gather them from that garden. I thought it was kinda strong flavored and hot...but I liked it, and I still do enjoy them. My daughter roasted radishes the other day and said they were delicious and mild!

    I never liked puppy chow...but my kids did and so I remember them enjoying it.

    My momma used to make fudge and popcorn for us to snack on on Saturday nights and we would snack on it while we all watched tv together in the dark. (We had a little tv night light we would turn on so that we could see what we were doing...but it was fun to be in the semi-darkness like at the movies.)

    You are so right that food can remind us of happy times together with the people that we love!

    Thanks for the memories!

    Love, Linda

  2. Oh my goodness...milk toast! I have memories of my grandparents having that for breakfast and thinking I'd rather go without. :) I'll probably try it one day and find I've been missing out totally!
    Blessings to you this week, Linda!

  3. I agree with your thoughts on snacks (food) associated with wonderful family and friends memories! In fact, while our whole family is here visiting at our daughter, son in law and grandbaby's home...we have enjoyed some chips and dip...and we also finished off a huge batch of puppy chow! Also, all our kids love to request specific meals for me to make that remind them of when they lived at home...just like I recall requesting some of my favorites from my mom when we would visit my parents :o) We havent had any radishes, but one of the ways I loved to eat radishes my mom would have as a side dish is paper thin slices (or very, very thin) of radishes with finely diced dill pickles, pickle juice.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    I am at our daughter, son in law, and grandbaby's home visiting, but wanted to stop by and say thank you for your lovely visit! & I hope you are able to stop by again Nov 9th when I share the fun coin purse blog hop that I joined.


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