Wednesday, November 28, 2012

just a couple more days...

...until the December Photo Project begins again!
I so loved the challenge and joy of taking at least one photo each day of December last year that I have signed up for this year, too.  Hopefully, this will jumpstart me into taking more photos in 2013 than I have in 2012.

December Photo Project 2012


  1. Oh I had totally forgotten about this. THANK YOU for the reminder!!! I'm going to link up too! Can't wait to see your pictures! :) Merry Christmas, Girlie!

  2. I am so excited! All ready with camera battery charged and high hopes of wonderful fun times and pretty scenery that awaits in December! Cannot wait to see your photos, too!
    Much love!

  3. I bet your scenery is going to be stunning!!! :) Much love to you too!! :) Happy December!! :)