Monday, November 5, 2012

30 DoT: {day 5} a place

Now I know most everyone who knows me would guess that a place that I am most thankful for is Alaska.  With good reason, too.  I do thank God for opening my heart up to His work being done in such a marvelously, wonderfully, amazingly beautiful, yet unchurched state.

Honestly, I am thankful for a place...any place...God calls me to be at work doing His work.

My own backyard...a place to play, explore, rest, enjoy God's handiwork displayed for me in nature, and raise my boys.
My church...a place I worship, pray, hear God's Word taught faithfully, fellowship with believers, and serve others.
Bible Memory Camp...a place I learn the truth about God by reading and memorizing His Word, see living examples on how to live out my salvation, worship, have a blast, all the while making disciples.
These United States of America...a land full of beauty that tells of a magnificent Creator...all of them with their own history and stories just waiting to be heard and explored.
Far off lands...places I have been...and places I dream of being one day.
Heaven...the place I long to be the most to enjoy the presence of my Lord and Savior for evermore!

In my heart I call anywhere I lay my head down at night "home".  I do not know how that is, but it I do consider it a gift.  I love to travel around and come home again.  I am so thankful and feel extremely blessed that God has granted me the opportunity to see so many places...and with each place meet wonderful people, even if only for a moment.

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  1. I loved the way you wrote this. So beautiful and your appreciation for what the Lord has done is spilling out all through it.
    Have a lovely day.