Sunday, November 11, 2012

30 DoT: {days 10 & 11} a memory & a tradition

My favorite can I possibly choose just one?
My favorite memory is the one that makes me smile, laugh, and perhaps cry (from laughing so hard) while remembering when.
It could also be said to be the one that makes me stand in awe of the awesome God I serve.
Or, perhaps, it is the one that brings out the testimony of just how far God's forgiveness has been extended to me.

My favorite family tradition it enjoying Thanksgiving in Indiana.  As many of us as possible get together and catch up while enjoying wonderful food....turkey, dressing, noodles, mashed potatoes, Grandma salad, and (my all time favorite holiday dessert) date pudding.
Our immediate family favorite tradition is us being home together on Christmas morning.
My personal favorite tradition is celebrating my best friend's birthday...twice!  One year in college, she and I were working on the summer housekeeping crew.  It was June and she noticed on my calendar that her name was on one of the days and just started laughing...I had written down her name in June instead of July. So now, we joke about what she's doing for her birthdays each year.  I try to get in a phone call to her, too, when it's possible.  She always asks where I'm spending her birthdays...and the answer is, for at least one of them anyway, Alaska.

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