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behind again...*sigh*...a second chance

Wednesday, May 13th
And, I was doing pretty well, too, with keeping up with daily posts most days...until this week.
Today's gift...a second chance (or third or fourth, as it goes).
We all need them.
I do not think I really appreciated them until March 12, 2014.
Well, my first second chance at living life to the fullest came the day I was saved by Jesus Christ.  He is the reason I have life at all and the reason for the hope I have for eternal life in heaven.
The second, second chance was the first day after my radiation therapy treatments ended on that date in March.  My first day of freedom from a title I did not want to carry any longer...cancer patient.  My first day of being a survivor.  Funny thing, though...I felt a bit lost.  Six weeks had taken their toll on did Icemaggedon and Snowpocalypse.
Our lives are filled with second chance moments, though.  Little ones, big ones...all just wating to be siezed. From the mundane routines in life, to the big challenges in life, we are all desperately seeking a "do-over" at one time or another.
There are plans for a "Plan B" mission trip this fall.  Plan A fell through.  I am thankful for a chance at Plan B.
A friend hurt me today. I am grateful for forgiveness asked for and given so we can both move on to our next best "remember when..." moment.
I sat down Tuesday and consumed an entire sleeve of graham crackers. Yep. You read that correctly. I stopped when I found crumbs were the only thing left. Oops! Wednesday's sunrise provided me a second chance at eating well and choosing healthy foods.  Some days are easier than others, apparently.
Alex's baseball team was given a second chance at winning when the batter, with the bases loaded and two outs in the bottom of the final inning of the game with the tying run at the plate, hit a line drive to center field, making its way past all the gloves trying to catch it and stop it.  They ended up with a tie game which was called because of the time restraint.  
Second chances are awesome when utilized for what they are meant for...correcting a behavior or mistake; making the most out of an first missed opportunity.
Take them. Make them happen. Live like never before.  


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