Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Yesterday came and went quickly.
Squeezed so much into the day.
Began the day with a Chest & Back and Ab Ripper X workout from P90X.  Day 1 of block 3...the end is approaching.
We are working our way down to our final day of school by finishing off one subject a day this week, so that the boys aren't taking all of their final tests on the same day.  Monday was language.  The boys were more than eager to get that subject out of the way.  They do well in language, but they are both bored with the monotony of diagramming sentences and part of speech.  They are forgiven for being bored with my favorite subject. ♥
Helped out in the office for a little while and also had a wonderful conversation with my coach and friend about coaching stuff...and life.
Once we got home, the boys and I actually sat down and watched some TV together.  We don't do this very often in the afternoons.  But, today, we watched some classics...Emergency and a little bit of CHiPs.  It's what one does when we're caught up on the latest Middle episode on Hulu and there is no cable in the house.
Once Scott came home, we went down and got in some fishing.  The bream were biting pretty well. Tons of fun together, grilling out and catching (and releasing) fish.
As everyone settled down for the night, I set out to get some work accomplished on my Beachbody websites.  It was great having quiet time to get them personalized.  If you're curious as to what Beachbody is, feel free to browse around my page...
Time is a wonderful thing.

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