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"A conversation is so much more than words:
a conversation is eyes, smiles, the silences between the words."
~Annika Thor
Today was a beautiful Saturday.
Awoke [without an alarm] around 7:15 and got in my workout...from P90X3 that is available to me through Beachbody on Demand...Complex Upper and X3 Ab Ripper. That was 45 minutes of crazy awesomeness!
Made my drinks of choice to rehydrate, recharge, and refuel after that workout...water, coffee, and Shakeology. The struggle is real, as a friend so eloquently put it, to get out the door with so many cups.  All necessary and essential, I might add. {smile}
Watched Alex's baseball team play some magnificent ball.  Alex went 2 for 2...RBI single (reached 2nd on an error and an RBI stand up triple!!!  Oh, my goodness, this mama's heart can not be any more full than to see A gain confidence with each swing of the bat.
While the coach treated the team to ice cream at DQ, I ran into Walmart (gasp!) and got what was on my a few others, forgetting only one thing that was omitted from my list to begin with. Not a bad Walmart run for me...and in record time, too, even with running into a dear friend while there. Love you, JK, if you happen to read this.
Once home, it was time to prep for our celebratory pool party for our Upward football team.  A team dad told the boys if they won the final game, and we agreed to host, he would provide steaks for the team.  A team mom volunteered to make homemade ice cream for us, too. They won, he bought steaks, she made ice cream, and we enjoyed them today.  Oh. my. goodness.  It was like a Mother's Day meal a day early...only better because it was in my own backyard.
After the pool party ended, clean up took place, enjoying the sunshine happened, and showers taken, a dear friend stopped in to chat.  I shared some homemade ice cream with her and resisted having more myself.  Not for sure how I managed that self control, but I appreicate that I did.
Spent some time working as the evening hours settled in...while Scott and the boys were hanging out near me.
The gift to be found in each and every one of these moments, is the gift of conversation.  Truly a lost art form these days of modern technology.
All right, so the conversation I had with Mr. Horton during bird dog crunch push ups was one were the self talks about getting out of bed in the first place and to go ahead and push play on abs after CU...but other than these, the realness of the conversations was almost to good to be true.
Live conversations. Interactions. Eye contact. Voice inflections. Pauses. Shared laughter.  It was all there today.  I feel amazingly blessed on this 9th day of my birthday season.


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