Monday, May 18, 2015

finish strong friday

20150515_143246Friday's Birthday Season's gifts included a favorite of ours...Final Day of School!!!! We celebrated lunch out at a local pizza place and then ran a few errands.  The boys had been given some gift certificates for finishing their books in Awana, so we went to 5 Below and found some treasures.  I found a $5 t-shirt that I's in a pic below.  After shopping, the boys needed haircuts.  It just so happens that the boys' favorite place for haircuts is right next door to The Mix, a local froyo place.  Yes, we celebrated again...well, I stopped at Dunkin and bought myself a coconut decaf, the boys had froyo.
20150515_175213 After arriving home, it was time to get in my workout for the day.  Friday is leg day in P90X.  I love leg day.  It is actually Legs & Back and Ab Ripper X day.  It works up a great sweat and is a whole lot more fun than cardio. {smile}
20150515_213226Before long, it was time to take off for Alex's baseball game.  He was the clean up batter (4th in the rotation).  The team has been playing so well lately.  This game was more of the same.  The game was a real barn burner  The lead went back and forth until the other team tied us in the top of the ninth. Our boys had to dig in and make something happen with their bats...and they did!  Base hits and stolen bases brought about the winning run.  It was so amazing to watch!  For the night Alex was 1 for 3...striking out twice, but at his third at bat getting a solid 2 RBI base hit.  I ♥ my ball player! 

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