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snail mail

There is nothing quite like receiving a package in the mail...except receiving two packages in the mail. {smile}
While I get excited over cards and letters awaiting me in the mailbox, to have two packages on my doorstep when I arrive home just makes me giddy.
Needless to say today's gifts were those packages.  Even knowing what the boxes contained did not lessen the excitement of opening them.  It will never get old, receiving snail mail.
IMG_20150505_210500One package being my hard earned P90X3 [FREE] T-shirt just for posting my before and after pics and results on  I say "just for posting"...there's that AND the 90 days of pushing play to workout with Tony Horton for 30 minutes.  That's 2700 minutes of blood pumping, sweat dripping, and muscle building good times.  Yes, I earned that T-shirt.
2015-05-05 20.39.07 The other package was my Coach Welcome Book.  I guess it's officially official now. I am a Beachbody coach.  It's going to be a ride to remember.  If any of you faithful readers of this blog want to join me for any or all of this ride, just let me know.
I will promise you only one thing...
It will be difficult, but it will be worth it.


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