Sunday, May 3, 2015


250"Anyone can plant. The planting is the easy part. The hard part is giving it the love and attention that it will need to grow and thrive after the roots have taken hold. Don't just leave it and hope it will find what it needs on its own."  ~Fawn Arrington

Two weeks ago, I dug up two rose bushes who have struggled to survive in their location. Between drowning from excess rain and deer munching on them like they are appetizers, there was hardly anything remaining to transplant.
Tonight, upon coming home, I went over to check on how they were doing. Both plants had new growth and tiny buds forming.
Today's gift on day three of my birthday season was that one of the transplanted rosebushes had already pushed a bloom.
There are times when we, too, must be forced from our current location and placed in a new territory in order to do more than exist. We need a new start. A new place to grow. A ground into which we can sink our roots and find our footing.
It is a second chance for doing and being that which we were created for in life.

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