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“I must break the routines and become a person who becomes productive every Monday. I must break the mindset of unhappiness and turn myself into a happy magnet for Mondays.”  ~Leggy Saul

Monday, May 18th
Monday morning.  Not just any Monday morning, though.  This Monday morning was the first Monday of our summer vacation.  I did not want to get out of bed at my normal time...which is early enough to get in my workout before having to get out the door.  
But, I did.
Why?  Why did I get up and moving at my normal time on the first day of summer break?
Because I needed to.  For myself.  For others.
Because a friend of mine checked in with me and held me accountable to taking care of myself.
Because rule #1 is that we never miss a Monday workout.
Today's gift for which I am fit fam, friends both near and far, who offer inspiration and motivation to me every single day.  
So, to you who inspire me and motivate me, know you are the best and I thank you! 


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I reminded myself of this recently.
It's not about me at all, this wellness journey I am on to a healhier version of myself.
Not at all.
Never has been, really.

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I have come to realize that those that take precious time to invest in me deserve better from me. I need to adhere to the direction given on any flight I've ever been on that goes something like this: make sure your own oxygen mask is properly secured before helping others. If I don't take care of myself first, my ability to care for others effectively diminishes quickly.
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