Sunday, May 26, 2013

a day of days

Typing up posts on my phone is a challenge, so please forgive any typos that I miss correcting. Editing on my phone is even more difficult than typing. :) Also, the new paragraphs never show as new paragraphs...everything runs together. [I have now edited most posts to show the breaks.]
Just a little fyi for those who are like me and proofread things before going for content.
Now you know a little quirk of mine.
Today, it was good to worship and be with fellow believers. After church it was so wonderful to have some time to relax...and eat homecooked food!
Today's gifts include finding a whole bunch of worms, having time to go fishing with found worms, catching a few fish, and hooking the largest snapping turtle I have ever seen.
Thankfully, he straightened out the hook enough to get off on his own.
It was cool to see such a creature! His head was larger than my fist.
Well, let me just add another I was typing the above stuff, Alex came in banged up from a motorcycle crash. So thankful all he has is some bruising and road rash!!! God is so good! Just a few more days of my birthday season...go out and celebrate! :)

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