Thursday, May 2, 2013

just in case

It has been a year of decision making.
The choices seem overwhelming at times.  Most times.
One may think that the highlight of the second day of my birthday season would be the exciting moment of choosing our new range and other appliances.  (Whew!  I'm glad that one's marked off the list.)
While it has its place, it falls way behind the decision of supporting Alex in his baseball endeavor.
Tonight, because I chose to sit in those bleachers again, I was able to see my son make contact with the ball and make it to first base on a hit to right field.
I also saw a team come from behind and make a valiant effort to almost win their game tonight.  They were behind 11-6 coming into their final inning.  They lost 11-10 in the end, but to get there, they never gave up.  They chose to keep on believing that they could make up the difference.
I will be honest and say it is difficult to see our team almost always playing the catch-up game.  
Something always keeps me coming back, though...just in case.  
Tonight, I am thankful and grateful to God for a base hit.  
That crack of the bat made a 10 year old's day...and mine. 
What stove was chosen will matter little to me in 10 or 20 years.
Deciding to sit on those bleachers in the rain and wind to watch and support Alex and the other Rays will always matter...and seeing that fist pump from first base will be a favorite memory for a long time coming.

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  1. Oh I love this!!!! Soooo much!!!! The little moments like this definitely out weigh which range you have. OOooo the memories that will be discussed while around the range will be priceless. This will be one of those memories. (((HUGS)))