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ordinary things

Today's gifts...
I was blessed to pass on some of my boys' toys to another mom of boys.  Some things are easier to let go of than others.  These toys were something the boys loved for a time and now they were simply taking up space.  I did not want to have to box them up and move them in a couple of weeks only to have to store them again.  (There are a few more things that need to find a new day.)

Introduced the boys to the original "The Lone Ranger" tv show via YouTube.  They thought the acting was so funny, especially during the gun fights and the guys keeled over.  Nice laughs together.  The reason we went there was because of Lego coming out with a Lone Ranger line of toys.  Of course, this is because Disney is putting out a new Lone Ranger movie.  I wanted them to know the true beginning of The Lone Ranger in case...well, let's just say current remakes of classics aren't always the best of ideas.  That's just my opinion.  (The boys had heard of the Lone Ranger originally while watching Happy Days because the Fonz's hero is The Lone Ranger.)

Sunshine and 70+ degrees!  Amen.

Emails and texts from friends, both near and far.

At the end of Alex's baseball game it felt good GREAT knowing we have a whole week ahead without any sporting events! 

Hugs and laughs at bedtime as I was reading to the boys and tucking them in for the night.  Such funny ones, they are!  

Nothing too unusual or out of the ordinary about today.  It is the recording of these ordinary things in life that makes celebrating a birthday season special to me.  It's a whole month to celebrate the little things that I sometimes take for granted.  It makes me stop and take time to appreciate the many blessings that surround me every single day.  Slowing down at the end of the day and thinking over the what we have done or accomplished throughout the daylight hours does wonders for the body and soul.

God is good.


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