Sunday, May 5, 2013

a rainout

May 4th...(fell asleep before writing this post last night)
Both boys' sporting events were cancelled due to rain.  They spent the weekend with Nana and Pawpaw, so Scott and I had all day together.  He dropped me off at the Y and ran some errands, then when he picked me back up we headed into Atlanta.
While browsing around antique and furniture stores, two emails came through and made my day.  Ticket reservations for my mom, sister, one niece and my nephew to come down at the end of May to come and see us!  Happy Dance!
While we are going to go up to Indiana this coming weekend for Mother's Day, it's exciting to have family come down, too.  They are coming down to help us settle in and unpack in the new house.
Add to the wonderful family time news, a new sofa and two new chairs for the living room...and a new work desk for Scott...and you have a wonderful, albeit wet, 4th day of Birthday Season!
Now, let's just hope the house is finished by then... :)

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