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the cookie monster

May 13, 2013
20130513_131036-1Awoke to sunny skies and a little bit warmer temperatures.
Alex had on the agenda to play Uno with Grandma that morning.  He loves getting up early and playing games with Mom before the rest of us are around.  He was the sleepyhead this morning, though, so we all were up and able to join in on the games.
After the games, I began loading up the car so we could get on the road to home.  It is always a bittersweet moment to pull out of the driveway...want to stay, want to go.  A few tears always make their appearance from someone in the car.
The Cookie Monster
Driving this route so many times over the past 11 years, I know good places to stop along the way.  Many times these places do not come at a timely hour to stop.  However...
Today was the day for perfect timing!
It was lunchtime.  We were in KY about to get onto I-65 South when I saw the sign of all signs that could make my day.
It has been my favorite restaurant ever since college.  I love me some Cheddar's!
This day of my birthday season gave me the gifts of wonderful traveling buddies, great weather, and my all time favorite restaurant (home of the infamous Cookie Monster dessert).
Yeah, I think we liked it.
The next best part?  The three of us all ate really well, with leftovers, and had dessert for under $20.  Score!
Happy! Happy! Happy!


  1. I LOVE Cheddars! Way to lick that bowl clean! Why O Why can't Michigan have one. LOL

  2. There's one in Fort Wayne, IN...worth the drive depending upon where you are in MI! :)


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