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a good day

Tuesday, May 28
Could you tell by all my mistakes that I was tired when typing my last post?
I really cannot wait to be on my laptop again. My thumbs are threatening an early retirement.
 I also just realized it's now Thursday, so I am officially two days behind on blogging through my birthday season...will have to keep this short.
I will say, though, I had just looked at the posts to make sure of which day I left off on and am amazed at the number of people reading along. Not much happening since school is out? :)
It blesses me, so I thank you.
As for Tuesdays gifts...more warm weather, family time at my in-laws, swimming, and many laughs .
My boys have said some pretty funny things these past couple of days! Wish I could remember them all...but I can't, so you will have to take my word on it.
Spent time chatting with my sister last night. I love her and her laugh! Makes me wish we lived closer still...but at least there are moments like these.


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