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two more days

Wednesday, May 29th
How does time go so slowly and quickly at the same time?!?
Twenty-nine days into this birthday season with only two to go...bittersweet!
Today's gifts...
Grass (one day no grass, the next...presto!! We have a yard!) Love it already...but I haven't had to do anything to it yet. :)
Crickets and frogs (they are happily chirping and croaking themselves into my heart.)
Fishing with my sister and niece (very thankful the bass were hungry today!)
Playing Uno with the much fun!
Last, but not least, I was able to check off something on my to-do list of things before I leave. Success is due to my wonderful sister taking the kids to eat ice cream and a few other things that an aunt does for her nephews that her sister won' go to the candy store in town...while I shop for window coverings. It amazes me how some things one dreads end up being not so bad afterall.


  1. Hi Janet...thanks for the comment on my blog. I haven't read blogs in awhile, so I read several of your posts this morning. I guess you had a birthday I don't know when your actual birthday was...but HAPPY BIRTHDAY Janet Rose. I hope you will have a good year ahead.

    I see also that you have just moved! Where have you moved. You live in Georgia right? Moving is bittersweet indeed. Like you, I sat and remembered good times and bad when we were leaving our last home 6 years ago. We had so many memories after 20 years in one home! But as you said, when the family pictures come down and everything is packed up it just seems like an empty house!

    Anyway I wish you well in your new surroundings Janet girl!

    Love, Linda

  2. Thank you, Linda! My birthday was today and it was wonderful! The house is almost complete and we will {hopefully} move in first of July.


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