Sunday, May 12, 2013

technical difficulties

My attempt to blog the everyday gifts throughout the month of May was thwarted by a lack of signal last night. So today's gift is a stronger signal that lasts more than a few seconds. :) As for yesterday, there were so many gifts to be thankful for... Safe travels. Remembering my jacket. Wonderful traveling buddies. Family time. Seeing my niece's art at the art show. A bed to stretch out on. All this and what Alex said to me first thing in the morning..."Mom, you rock!" Today I was able to spend part of the morning at a fundraiser for my cousin and her husband who are missionaries with Mercy Ships/Mercy Vision. Saw so familiar faces, friends, and family! The afternoon was shared with family at Grandpa Miller's house. It was good to visit with him even though it was so hard without Grandma there with us. The day ended at Mom's house, a few games played, then snuggled on the couch with my youngest. He fell asleep beside me. Not often does this happen anymore. 20 more days of birthday season...what will the days hold? Cannot wait to find out!

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