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It's the big things in life....

Sunday, May 19th
Usually, one celebrates the little things in life that bring joy and make life a little easier.  Today is the day to celebrate the big things that make all the difference in the world to me!

My relationship with Jesus Christ, my Redeemer and Savior!
My church family and especially our pastor who preaches the Truth, speaks the Word that cuts to the heart, and is not ashamed to call sin, sin.
My husband, who knows my every strength and weakness, and loves me anyway.  He works incredibly hard to provide for us each and every day!
My boys...oh, am I ever thankful for my boys!   
My family and friends across the miles.  They are wonderful and I love getting a chance to visit with them whenever possible!

I could not find the words to type last evening as there were so many things going through my heart and mind.  It's a crazy time in life right now.  A big week ahead for us with many activities and finishing up packing for move out day on Saturday.  I am overwhelmed with emotion when I consider how God is orchestrating everything.
He is God and He is good!


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